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About BusDeals

Discount Store BusDeals UAE is THE location for discount goods in UAE. We specialise in retail goods at wholesale prices, direct to consumer. We sell Home Decor, Bed Linen and many other items.

  • We have our home in the bustling metropolis Dubai, the business hub of the Middle East and the gateway between East and West.


  • From humble beginnings we have grown our business and are now a trusted supplier to the UAE market for bedlinen and accessories. Our focus is supplying quality products at the lowest possible prices, with assortments to suit each budget. Our collections are updated daily with new designs arriving continuously.
  • Our experienced team has decades of experience, both in Retail as well as in eCommerce.
  • Please stay in touch with us:


             eMail us at info@busdeals-today.com

            +971 (0)52 945 0555 (WhatsApp)



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